Simultaneous processing and loading with one carrier

Reducing wear and tear on existing used
conveyor belt systems

The ALLU screening bucket is widely used in the quarrying industry for efficient material screening and separation. It offers several benefits that enhance quarrying operations. Cost effective operations to stay one step ahead

ALLU M Screening bucket for quarrying

The ALLU screening bucket is used to screen and separate aggregates in quarrying operations. It efficiently separates different sizes of stones, sand, and gravel, ensuring high-quality end products for construction, road building, and concrete production. ALLU screening bucket helps with the handling and sorting of materials in quarries. It enables operators to efficiently separate materials based on size or specific requirements, facilitating the production of different grades of aggregates.

By incorporating the screening bucket into quarrying operations, operators can increase efficiency and streamline material processing. The bucket eliminates the need for separate screening equipment, reducing processing time and improving overall operational efficiency. ALLU screening bucket optimizes resource utilization in quarries. It helps maximize the use of extracted materials by efficiently separating valuable aggregates and reducing the need for external sourcing, resulting in cost savings and improved sustainability.


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Developed for larger processing jobs. Everything from aerating compost, primary on-site screening and processing construction material.
ALLU M screening bucket for mining operations

ALLU Screening bucket M Series

Crushing and loading the raw material is completed in one step. This reduces the need of buffer storage areas and material transportation.

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