ALLU Crusher is an attachment series designed for excavators weighing 10-33 tons. The series includes 6 different models designed to crush and recycle various materials directly on the job site.


ALLU Crusher bucket for construction and demolition
ALLU Crusher bucket

ALLU Crusher Bucket is an attachment used with excavators. It is designed to crush and reduce various materials, such as concrete, stone, demolition waste, asphalt, and natural rock. The crusher bucket operates on the principle of a jaw crusher, allowing for crushing and recycling of materials on-site.

ALLU Crusher Bucket is designed to increase efficiency and productivity in construction and demolition sites by reducing the need for traditional crushing equipment and streamlining the material handling process. The bucket can be easily attached to excavators, providing a cost-effective solution for material processing tasks.

The crusher bucket enables material recycling directly on the job site, eliminating the need to transport materials to external processing facilities. This saves on transportation costs, time, and resources while reducing environmental impact. It can be used for both primary and secondary crushing tasks.

The ALLU crusher buckets are available in different sizes to fit various excavators and applications. They come with features such as adjustable particle size, two way jaw crushing, and interchangeable crushing plates that optimize performance and durability. This enables the operator to produce crushed materials of different sizes to meet the requirements of the job site. By crushing and recycling materials on-site, the ALLU crusher bucket optimizes resource utilization and reduces the need for raw materials. It supports sustainable practices and waste reduction in various industries.

The ALLU CRUSHER bucket brings with it numerous advantages, including:

  • Cost and time savings: Crushing material on-site reduces the need for transportation to a separate processing facility, resulting in cost and time savings.
  • Increased efficiency: The crusher bucket enables the immediate processing of materials without the need for machinery or processes located outside the job site, leading to increased efficiency.
  • Environmental benefits: Recycling and reusing materials with the crusher bucket reduce environmental impacts associated with traditional disposal methods of materials.
  • Versatility: Crusher buckets can be used in various applications, including construction, demolition, road building, and landscaping.



AC 8-15


AC 25-37


AC 10-16




AC 20-22


AC 5-17FD


Maximum productivity

  • Increase your excavator utilisation rate
  • Easy to handle, even in tight and limited areas
  • No need for logistics or permissions
  • Quick to put into operation
  • Easy to change fragment size

Robust, practical design

  • Can be run in reverse to unluck jamming
  • High torque motors enable start up with a full load
  • Opens like a clam for safe and easy replacement of upper jaw

Environmentally friendly

  • Reducing material send to landfill, and increasing your profits.
  • Increasing your sustainability and profits, by reducing transportation costs.  

Crusher Features

ALLU Crusher is a hydraulic crushing attachment for conventional excavators from 8 – 33 tons. It is designed to effectively crush and recycle demolition materials, building rubble, natural stones, asphalt materials, concrete, and construction debris.

ALLU Crusher Bucket Special features

1. Mainframe

2. Upper jaw – safe and easy to replace

3. Crushing plates – allow material to flow freely through jaws

4. Streamline wear-resistant frame – no external parts for a long-lasting operational life

5. Straight side and angled tip plates – provide a rigid frame, reduce the wear and provide a higher crushing filling rate

6. Adjustable pin – for quick fragment size changes

7. Protected belt drive – maintenance-free no adjustment

Technical specifications

AC 8-15
Excavator (t / US ton) 8-11 / 9-12
Weight (kg / lbs) 1400 / 3090
Operating Pressure (bar / ksi) 250 / 3600
Max. Operation Flow (LPM / gpm) 80 / 21
Loading Capacity (m3 / yd3) 0.35 / 0.46
Crushing Cam Opening (mm / in) 260 / 10
Output Size Regulation (mm / in) 0-16 to 0-200 (0-5/8 to 0-8)
Excavator (t / US ton) 10-14 / 11 – 15
Weight (kg / lbs) 1740 / 3840
Operating Pressure (bar / ksi) 250 / 3600
Max Operation Flow (LPM / gpm) 95 / 25
Loading Capacity (m3 / yd3) 0.35 / 0.46
Crushing Cam Opening (mm / in) 370 / 14.6
Output Size Regulation (mm / in) 0-16 to 0-200 (0-5/8 to 0-8)
Excavator (t / US ton) 15-22 / 17-24
Weight (kg / lbs) 2465 / 5440
Operating Pressure (bar / ksi) 250 / 2600
Max. Operation Flow (LPM / gpm) 160 / 42
Loading Capacity (m3 / yd3) 0.5 / 0.65
Crushing Cam Opening (mm / in) 370 / 14.6
Output Size Regulation (mm / in) 0-16 to 0-200 (0-5/8 to 0-8)
Excavator (t / US ton) 23-35 / 25 – 39
Weight (kg / lbs) 3820 / 8420
Operating Pressure (bar / ksi)2 250 / 3600
Max. Operation Flow ( LPM / gpm) 180 / 47
Loading Capacity (m3 / yd3) 1.0 / 1.31
Crushing Cam Opening (mm / in) 370 / 14.6
Output Size Regulation (mm / in) 0-16 to 0-200 (0-5/8 to 0-8)

Main Application Areas

ALLU Crusher for demolition and excavation
  • Demolition
  • Excavation
  • Construction
ALLU crusher bucket for concrete waste and asphalt recycling
  • Utility and Road works
  • Concrete Waste Recycling
  • Asphalt Recycling
ALLU crusher for waste rock handling at quarries
  • Waste Rock Handling at quarries
  • Concrete Pipe Industry
  • Brick and Ceramics Industry


ALLU Transformer Screener Crusher Processing Construction Waste

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    The ALLU Crusher and ALLU Transformer support each other. Both functions are often needed at the same job site and are complimentary. By pre-screening the material with the ALLU Transformer the capacity of the ALLU Crusher will increase because the fine material has been screened away. If the material is wet, fine material often tends to clog. This causes jamming and bridging. Furthermore, the quality of the desired end product will significantly improve. Re-use of pre-screened material; can be utilized as fill material.

    • One base machine and operator needed
    • Low investment costs
    • Full mobile solutions to any job site
    • Process the fine materials first with the ALLU Transformer and hard materials with the ALLU Crusher. Increase the overall capacity
    • Less landfill payments – lower dumping costs