Breaking the ALLU Way – Transforming the way you work.


ALLU RAPTOR series is available in 4 sizes making it the essential tool to transform the way you work.


ALLU RAPTOR is a hydraulic attachment for excavators, available in four different size classes. This powerful hydraulic ripper is sure to change the way you work and opens new possibilities for various excavation and permafrost handling tasks.

The powerful, durable, and practical design of the ALLU Raptor series makes it a reliable and essential tool for demanding and hard soil ripping and opening tasks, such as excavating trenches for pipes, where high productivity is required.



ALLU has developed a new series of high-performance attachments with an eccentric movement, known as the ‘ALLU Raptor’ series. They are designed for use in tough soil and frost ripping applications, where high capacity and continuous operation are required.

The eccentric movement of the ripping spike and the technology provide a better impact on the material at a lower frequency. This translates to higher work capacity, less wear, and reduced strain on the operator. The ALLU RAPTOR is currently available in North America.

Technical specifications

ALLU Raptor 18-25
Excavator weight (lbs) 40000-51000
Operating Weight (lbs) 5512
Hydraulic working pressure (psi) 2321
Hydraulic oil flow (gpm) 42
Frequency (1/min) 900
A (in) 32.7
B (in) 30.7
C (in) 88.3
D (in) 39.4
E (in) 63.0
Excavator weight (lbs) 53000-71000
Operating Weight (lbs) 8157
Hydraulic working pressure (psi) 3481
Hydraulic oil flow (gpm) 50
Frequency (1/min) 1100
A (in) 30.5
B (in) 25.0
C (in) 106.9
D (in) 45.7
E (in) 65.4
Excavator weight (lbs) 71000-88000
Operating Weight (lbs) 9259
Hydraulic working pressure (psi) 3481
Hydraulic oil flow (gpm) 55
Frecuency (1/min) 1100
A (in) 33.9
B (in) 24.8
C (in) 112.8
D (in) 47.8
E (in) 67.5
Excavator weight (lbs) 88000-121000
Operating Weight (lbs) 10803
Hydraulic working pressure (psi) 4061
Hydraulic oil flow (gpm) 71
Frecuency (1/min) 1100
A (in) 37.8
B (in) 24.8
C (in) 118.1
D (in) 51.8
E (in) 72.0

Main Application Areas

Raptor Robust application
Raptor powerful application
Raptor Reliable application

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