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This truly mobile, compact screening bucket is the perfect attachment for compact base machines to screen top soil, peat and compost. It’s also ideal for landscaping and padding on smaller cable and pipeline sites.

ALLU screener crusher on Agriculture and composting industries

ALLU Transformer

The ALLU Transformer DL series screening attachments are for compact base machines and suitable for excavators max. 12Tn, loaders 8Tn, tractors and backhoe loaders.

These compact sized screening buckets make the perfect attachments for landscaping and agricultural applications. From composting to aerating, top soil screening to waste and debris processing, all can be carried out on-site. They are truly mobile, offering you the versatility and flexibility to work more efficiently in the most challenging environments.

ALLU Screener and Crusher bucket D series


With ALLU Transformer D series screener crusher, you can screen, sort, crush, pulverize, aerate, blend, mix, separate, feed and load materials – all in one step operation. Everything from aerating compost, pipeline padding, primary on-site screening and processing construction material. transforms the way you work.

The range of materials it can process is wide; topsoil, black top and dirt, excavated and waste soil, contaminated soil, clay, peat, bark, compost, biowaste, glass, aggregate, rubble and several other materials.

ALLU transformer Crusher bucket
The ALLU Crusher is designed to be efficient in every situation

ALLU Crusher

The ALLU Crusher is designed to be efficient in every situation. The sides of the crusher are straight, and the tip plate is angled. That makes it easier to fill with material and difficult to damage the ALLU Crusher. The bend side plates add strength to the bucket frame construction without adding weight. 

The flywheel and belt drive are placed inside the unit to keep them safe from wear. Changing the fragment size has been made as easy as possible. It is changed easily and quickly with the pin adjusted method. You have 16 different fragment sizes available on all four models.

With the bottom eccentric jaw movement, you can expect the material to flow freely through the jaws. This increases the capacity of the material output, making it superior to the competition. The jaw on the ALLU Crusher can be run in both directions which helps to avoid jamming or bridging of the material, even with wet materials

  • Pin adjusted output size Quick fragment size change
  • High torque motors Start up possible with full load
  • Can be run in reverse Less vaulting and jamming
  • Opens like a clam Safe and easy replacement of upper jaw
  • Streamlined wear resistant frame No overhang
  • Angled side and tip plates Easy loading and less wear 
ALLU compactor features


ECOLINE Easy maintenance due to modular design and Universal amplitude of 45hz, high compacting (90kn force) is possible.

HIGHLINE Easy maintenance due to modular design. Innovative design of g rotator means drag compacting is made easy. New development of unbalancing unit with 2 working modes, with one operation setting.

 The Benefits of the ALLU COMPACTOR:

  • Shaping suitable for construction site
  • Easy to transport, perfectly located forklift pockets ensure fast and safe transport at the construction site
  • Modular construction
  • Rotator solution without any hose
  • Spot and drag compaction in 2 working modes (Highline model) Spot Compaction – High penetration effect at 38 Hz. Continuous operation without loss of strength due to powerful motor Drag Compaction – Low penetration effect at 58 Hz for surface finishing or for small material overlays to avoid damages (e.g. pipe damage etc.)
  • Unbalance safety stop
  • Rotator of annular gear construction

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