ALLU donates a DN3-17 to The Halo Trust for Demining operations

31 May 2023
ALLU Finland Oy is delighted to announce we have donated a DN 3-17/TS16 mm bucket to the HALO Trust NGO for de-mining operations.  De-mining refers to the process of removing landmines and other explosive remnants of war from a specific area, such as a field, a road, or a community. Landmines are typically buried in the ground and can remain active for decades after a conflict has ended, posing a serious threat to civilians, and impeding economic development.

De-mining activities involve carefully locating and removing all explosive hazards, as well as educating local populations about the risks associated with unexploded ordnance. De-mining operations can be complex and dangerous, requiring specialized equipment and personnel with extensive training in explosive ordnance disposal. There are several organizations, both governmental and non-governmental, that specialize in de-mining activities around the world, and we are delighted to be donating a DN 3-17 TS16mm to The HALO Trust.

Peter Smith QGM, HALO Trust Programme Manager Ukraine “We are delighted to be working with ALLU and we look forward to integrating the ALLU DN 3-17 into our de-mining operations in Ukraine.  

Peter Gronholm ALLU Managing Director “ALLU has a proven solution for de-mining operations and has worked with other organizations over the years to supply a similar application. We are delighted that our donation will be put to good use. TOGETHER working with The HALO Trust we can improve the safety of communities.

De-mining is an essential component of post-conflict reconstruction efforts, allowing communities to safely access their land, build infrastructure, and resume their daily lives without fear of injury or death from unexploded landmines. The ALLU DN 3-17 is a proven solution and adapted for the use to help of de-mining operations over the years to help communities rebuild after times of conflict.