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ALLU provides solutions for soil improvement through its range of soil stabilization products. These products are designed to enhance the quality and characteristics of different types of soils, making them more suitable for construction and infrastructure projects. ALLU soil stabilization products are capable of effectively stabilizing various soil types, including clay, silt, peat, and others. They can handle different soil conditions and adapt to specific project requirements. The products are designed for efficient mixing and full control over the binder feed. They ensure thorough and even distribution of additives throughout the soil, promoting consistent stabilization and a homogeneous result.

ALLU’s soil improvement solutions offer potential cost and time savings for construction projects. By optimizing existing soils instead of relying solely on extensive excavation and replacement, they reduce the need for additional materials, transportation, and project timelines. By utilizing ALLU soil improvement products, construction projects can reduce the environmental impact associated with sourcing and transporting new materials. Soil stabilization promotes sustainable construction practices by maximizing the use of existing resources.



The ALLU Processor is a hydraulic mixer attachment for conventional excavators. This attachment converts the excavator into a powerful and versatile mixing tool capable of penetrating and effectively mixing a variety of soft soils and materials – everything from clay, silt, peat, sludge, and dredged sediment, as well as contaminated materials can be mixed.

ALLU Processors can mix and homogenize materials, ensuring even distribution and mixing results of different materials. Binders such as lime or cement can be fed and added to the soil through the mixer in either WET or DRY form.

The ALLU Processor is capable of soil stabilization, solidification, and remediation. It can mix and stabilize different soil types, improving their load-bearing capacity, stability, and other desired properties.



The ALLU Pressure feeder (PF 7+7 NextGen) is a pressure feeder designed by ALLU. The mobile ALLU pressure feeder is a high-capacity, tracked, intelligent feeding unit for dry binders. Since the binder is usually the biggest cost on the job site, the computer-controlled binder feed on the PF 7+7 prevents any unnecessary amount of binder from being fed. These unique features bring big cost savings and efficiency to any job site.

The PF 7+7 NextGen can be used as a feeder in various deep or shallow dry mixing applications. The high air capacity, and 10 bar / 145 psi pressure capability, make it possible to feed long distances as well as up to great depth.

It is suitable as a feeder for solidification, mass stabilization, and Nordic Deep Dry Mixing (DDM), more commonly know as lime cement columns. It can be used in a wide range of applications, including road construction, building foundations, embankments, and many other types of soil improvement projects. It offers the versatility to adapt to different soil improvement methods, soil types, and project requirements.

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