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ALLU provides solutions for soil improvement through its range of soil stabilization processors. These processors are designed to enhance the quality and characteristics of different types of soils, making them more suitable for construction and infrastructure projects. ALLU soil stabilization processors are capable of effectively stabilizing various soil types, including clay, silt, sand, and gravel. They can handle different soil conditions and adapt to specific project requirements. The processors are designed for efficient and high-speed mixing. They ensure thorough and even distribution of additives throughout the soil, promoting consistent stabilization results.

ALLU’s soil improvement solutions offer potential cost and time savings for construction projects. By optimizing existing soils instead of relying solely on extensive excavation and replacement, they reduce the need for additional materials, transportation, and project timelines. By utilizing ALLU soil improvement processors, construction projects can reduce the environmental impact associated with sourcing and transporting new materials. Soil stabilization promotes sustainable construction practices by maximizing the use of existing resources.

ALLU pressure feeded 7+7 FOR SOIL IMPROVEMENT

Allu for soil improvement & Stabilization

The ALLU Pressure feeder (PF 7+7) is a soil improvement system designed by ALLU for efficient and effective soil stabilization and treatment. The PF 7+7 combines the capabilities of the ALLU Processor and Pressure Feeder into one integrated system.

The PF 7+7 utilizes a combination of ALLU’s proven soil processing and mixing technology to stabilize and improve the quality of various types of soils. It can handle different soil conditions, including clay, silt, sand, and wet soil. ALLU Pressure Feeder component of the PF 7+7 allows for continuous feeding and precise dosing of binder materials, such as lime, cement, or other additives. This ensures even distribution and thorough mixing of the binder with the soil for effective stabilization.

The PF 7+7 is suitable for a range of soil improvement applications, including road construction, building foundations, embankments, and other infrastructure projects. It offers the versatility to adapt to different soil types and project requirements. The integrated system of the PF 7+7 enables efficient and high-speed processing of soils. It ensures thorough mixing and stabilization while optimizing productivity and project timelines.

ALLU transformer screening crushing bucket M-Series

Allu in mining industry

The ALLU M series bucket is a versatile attachment that can be utilized in various applications, including the mining industry. ALLU M bucket can be used for efficient material screening and processing. It allows for on-site screening, separating valuable minerals or aggregates from unwanted materials, such as overburden or waste rock. By integrating the ALLU M bucket into mining operations, operators can enhance productivity and efficiency. The bucket enables on-site material processing, eliminating the need for additional transportation and processing equipment, and reducing downtime.

The ALLU M bucket offers versatility in mining applications. It can handle various materials commonly found in mining operations, including ores, minerals, aggregates, and waste materials. ALLU attachments M series bucket contribute to environmental sustainability in mining operations. On-site screening and processing reduce the volume of waste material and minimize the environmental impact associated with waste disposal and transportation.

Soil Improvement


Operators can customize the mixing recipes of the PF 7+7 to meet specific project needs. Adjustments can be made to the dosage and type of binder materials, allowing for tailored soil stabilization results. ALLU PF 7+7 system improves productivity and can lead to cost savings. It minimizes the need for extensive excavation and replacement of poor-quality soil, reducing material and transportation costs while optimizing project timelines..


ALLU has been developing its screening bucket technology for over 30 years, and nowadays it can be applied to everything from screening municipal waste to detonating antipersonnel mines. The M series buckets can be adjusted to accommodate different sizes of material – typically, from 50 to 150mm – and so, can be configured to handle many different kinds of material. ALLU sees a potentially transformative role with respect to a mineral resource.

The versatility you need

  • Designed to work in mines
  • Mineral processing
  • Processing bucket
  • Screener crusher bucket for mining
ALLU screening bucket M series in Mining

Supporting your company

Do you spend money blasting the rock, digging, loading it on dump trucks, and transporting it to a location where the material can be crushed and screened. Sometimes more than one crushing and screening step will   be needed to produce a material ready for shipping?

With the ALLU you can transform your base machine (excavator – loader) into a multifunctional tool screener or crusher station. Providing you an efficient tool that reduces material double handling in the process.




The ALLU PF 7+7 is a self contained mobile feeder for deep dry mixing, the track driven feeder is completely road legal and easy to transport on a low bed trailer making it extremely mobile. Fast setup on jobsite results in less down-time and the large air capacity gives improved productivity.


  • Remote controlled for safe and easy loading and unloading
  • Maximum column depth 8 m ( 25 ft.)
  • Long feed distance (max 200 m (656 ft.)) Adjustable feed rate
  • Can bus control system
  • Easy feed data access and transfer to outside control system

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