Reducing material double handling needs with ALLU M Screening Bucket.

More than just a bucket for heavy duty
carriers and operations.


ALLU M series screening bucket
ALLU M Bucket for mining and screening
ALLU Screening M bucket for quarrying

The ALLU Transformer M-series is a range of multi-faceted screener crushers powered by the carrier they are mounted on. These hydraulic attachments help with quick and efficient material production in quarries or mining operations, solve chute blockages and other material flow problems, and transport frozen or saturated material heaps.

Boosting productivity and delivering operational efficiency, the Transformer M-series screening buckets adapt to the processing needs and rock mass it encounters. Different drum configurations of 50mm (2”), 75mm (3”), 100mm (4”), and 150mm (6”) mean differing fragment sizes may be processed with high productivity in ‘One Step’. The entire process is fully mobile and can replace conventional crushing and screening plants in many cases. Furthermore, the processed material is of uniform quality, enabling the transportation of the material by dump truck immediately after the following processing.

By applying the correct amount of crushing force together with the correct drum type the attachment also efficiently separates, while crushing the soft material, any hard unwanted materials in the rock mass.

The Transformer M-series screening attachments have been developed specifically for those companies that deal with large amounts of material on a regular basis. It has been designed to fit excavators up to 160 Tn (177 US t) and wheel loaders of up to 90Tn (99 US t), being able to screen and crush materials from 15 mm (0.59”) to 150 mm (5.9”).

The main applications for the ALLU Transformer M-series screener crusher are:

  • soft rock quarrying
  • mineral excavation and mining
  • sand and gravel production
  • material processing and loading

Oil shale, coal, limestone processing, and/or any soft rock crushing is completed with ALLU Transformer M-series screener crusher efficiently.


We have the perfect solutions for material processing needs in mines

ALLU M screening bucket for mining operations

ALLU Screening bucket M Series

Crushing and loading the raw material is completed in one step. This reduces the need of buffer storage areas and material transportation.

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